Peptides – The Secret Helpers Against Skin Aging

We know so much about skin, maintaining its beauty, ingredients, and the benefits of good cosmetics, but science and nature still manage to surprise us.

Matrixyl peptide is a new, revolutionary skincare ingredient that has recently gained popularity in the world of beauty and skincare.

But let’s start from the beginning: What are peptides?

Peptides are short or long chains of amino acids linked together. When they combine into groups of two to ten amino acids, a peptide of a specific type is formed – dipeptide, tripeptide, etc.

And when peptides bind together, they become proteins – the main building block of the skin.

Peptides have various functions in the body, and different types are responsible for different effects:

Depending on their physiological effect, peptides can be:

  • Stimulators that improve skin regeneration
  • Neurotransmitters that increase the skin’s sensitivity threshold
  • Stabilizers that help increase the skin’s antioxidant activity
  • Immunomodulators that enhance the skin’s immune defense
  • Regulators of melanogenesis, which is responsible for pigment spots
  • Peptides affecting microcirculation with anti-swelling effects

One of the major advantages of peptides is that these molecules are extremely effective even at low doses.

Science has managed to develop synthetic peptides that mimic those naturally found in the skin. They are easily incorporated into creams and combined with other beneficial ingredients to improve skin health and appearance.

Depending on their action, different types of synthetic peptides have their “personal” names, which can help you identify the action of the respective cosmetic product:

Matrixyl 3000 /palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7/ or Matrikyne – stimulates the production of collagen types I and II and fibronectin, which are responsible for the skin’s density and elasticity. This is a peptide with a lifting effect, produced in fibroblasts during skin damage or natural skin renewal, and strengthens the skin’s matrix.

Carnosine – a dipeptide with antioxidant action. Its role is to neutralize molecules that lead to glycation – hardening of collagen. In other words, it keeps the skin elastic and youthful.

Glutathione – a tripeptide with a positive effect on skin tone. It helps whitening by inhibiting the oxidation process and melanin production.

Crystalide – a peptide that balances and normalizes the cell renewal process and stimulates the synthesis of α-crystallin – a protein that achieves the so-called “porcelain skin”.

Argireline /acetyl hexapeptide-8/– a synthetic polypeptide with an action similar to botulinum toxin (Botox). However, this polypeptide is safe to use and without side effects. It reduces the depth of wrinkles by preventing the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle.

Copper Tripeptide – 1 is a copper-peptide complex with antioxidant and healing action. It stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Advantages of the Peptide Matrixyl: Hydration and Anti-Aging Care

Our attention is focused on the collagen-synthesizing peptide Matrixyl. As mentioned earlier, it activates the production of collagen types I and II and fibronectin, thanks to which the skin regains its density and elasticity.

Matrixyl is the leading ingredient in our new Shoot the Pimple Bo:Fi Collagen Booster because it has a lifting effect, improves natural skin renewal, and strengthens its matrix.

The Role of Collagen Boosters in Daily Routine

For truly good results in skincare, we need to grade skincare products according to their action.

To penetrate deeper layers of the skin, peptide-containing products should be applied first, on a cleansed face, in the form of a light but active serum like the Bo:Fi Collagen Booster by Shoot the Pimple.

Shoot the Pimple skin tightening serum

In addition to Matrixyl, it contains Edelweiss stem cells and sodium hyaluronate for deep hydration. The combination of all these ingredients will restore the skin’s fresh, youthful appearance, reduce expression lines, and leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, and elastic.

After the collagen booster, apply a hydrating day cream to plump the skin and nourish it with essential vitamins, oils, and hydrators for truly radiant skin.

It has been proven to provide many benefits for the skin, including improved firmness, hydration, and radiance. The Matrixyl peptide works by enhancing the skin’s natural barrier function, increasing collagen production, and stimulating new cell growth.

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